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About Us

The concept of looking good has been advancing since the time immemorial. In the present world, people are well-aware of the fact that looking good doesn't singularly make them appear good but also give them confidence and create a positive image in the minds of others. Looking good as a matter of fact is the main thing that people are giving attention to these days, to make a fashion statement of their own in the society. Caring for people of the modern age, we at Modish Toi are bringing fresh-in-design apparels for women and men.

Our collection containing Ladies Saree, Ladies Top, Ladies Gown, Mens Koti, Girls Frock and so much more is for both fashion-conscious and fashion-sensible people. Lasting impression on onlookers is the main attribute of our entire collection. Each piece of gorgeousness in our collection, is attractive in design and comfortable, inside out. From rich quality fabric to durable embellishments, everything quality based is used by our vendors for designing an appealing line of fashionable apparels. Being a wholesaler and trader, we singularly source defect-free clothes that stand tall on not only quality parameter but also style, look and durability parameters.

Our Support, Our Associates

At Modish Toi, we feel no little than blessed in this steadily growing apparels industry because with us is the support of long-standing apparels manufacturing companies. As a newcomer, we are supported by stable companies, which are known magnificently for introducing classic as well as trendy Ladies Saree, Mens Koti, Ladies Gown, etc. Our vendors, understanding our wants and situation, meet our bulk, timely and other requirements.

Amazing Customers With Our Variety

Amazing customers in this competitive market is not easy, but is also not impossible. Having faith in this fact, we, a newcomer in the apparels industry, are amazing customers with our pleasing variety. Some facts related to our variety are bulleted below:
  • Small to plus sizes: We have standard sizes of garments in our both mens and womens collection.
  • Classic to trendy designs: We have added fashionable to classic designs of apparels for modern women and men in our collection.
  • Western to ethnic garments: We give variety to customers to choose from our line of ethnic and western apparels.
  • Lasting prints to elegant embroidery: We give value to every customer's desires which is why we make lasting print and classic embroidered pieces available.